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About Us.

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We have fast, accurate programs designed to make your choices easy. No high-pressure sales, just free guidance, and service like you will find nowhere else. FREE PRE-QUAL or FREE PRE-APPROVAL, depending on your need. Down payment assistance programs available. Low or no money down We have FHA, VA, USDA, SONYMA, conventional, Jumbo, condo, co-op, and many more. The big question is, why FREE, what’s the catch? SURPRISE, there is none!
We want to earn your trust, so we offer to help you first, with no obligation, a refreshing change from the other guys. We know that others say they will, we don’t say it, we DO IT!
For more than thirty years Jim Pendleton MrMortgageTM and has been instrumental in helping thousands of clients to reach their goals. The pride of a home of their dreams, let us do the same for you, please?
We will always get you the best rate guaranteed, based on the rate you qualify for, every time! Our team is available to answer every question you have. Having processed thousands of clients, we are ready to help you have the easiest financing experience ever. Smooth, accurate, and courteous. Our friendly experienced team will amaze you. What can we do for you today?


Our Focus

We understand your requirement and provide the right financing that works for you.


Above all, the financing must fit your specific situation to accomplish financing within your reach. Matching you to the right mortgage program.

Down Payment

Making sure that you use the proper programs that can maximize your down payment assistance, as available for your situation.


Analyzing your financing to make sure you are ready to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Also exploring contingency programs to make life easier.


We will get you finished smoothly and with hassle free financing. So sit back a relax. our expert qualified staff will have you covered.

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Our Team

We understand your requirements and provide quality service that works hard for you.
Jim Pendleton MrMortgage

Founder & CEO

Worked with the banking industry to develop alternate programs for the rich and famous. My mothers maiden name was “Hampton” (yes those out east) from England and was referred to many wealthy clients over the years.

Member American Bankers
Member of the American Bankers Association
Active Member


Member of ethics program since 2017
James Pendleton

Program Developer

Working with the board members to keep everything up to date.

mortgage broker, banker
Fun fishing with my Grandson Griffin
Griffin Pendleton



Completed fundings
for 2000-20


Satisfied Clients
in the last 10 years


Positive Feed backs
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Free Pre-quals
so far this year


Programs available

We understand your requirement and provide quality that works – ALL 50 States -Affiliated Federal Bank.
First Time Buyer


State of New York Mortgage Association

Down Payment Assistance Program

Up to $20,000 in a grant program

Low down payment –
must be a first-time buyer, not owning any property for the last three years (even if inherited )

Low rates and Different programs for each type of buyer.
Achieving the Dream 
Our lowest interest rate program, Achieving the Dream is to maximize the amount you can afford with a minimal down payment required. 
Conventional Plus  FHA Plus Program 
Optional Add-on Features 
Down Payment Assistance Loan 
This program provides assistance with the down payment part of homeownership. 
 DPAL Plus 
An enhanced down payment assistance loan of up to $30,000 available to low-income first-time home buyers.
 Remodel NY 
This program will help you transform a fixer-upper into your dream home. 
Homes for Veterans 
This program offers low-interest loans for home buying to veterans who have served or currently serving in the armed forces. 

Many other programs

FHA, VA, USDA Conventional

Many low and no down payment programs

FHA Federal Housing Authority

VA Loans (Veterans Association) for military active and honorably discharged personal.
Low or NO downpayment NO MI payment

USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan. A USDA loan is a mortgage that’s available for low-income borrowers in specific designated rural areas. With a USDA loan, you’re eligible for a $0 down payment.

Conventional mortgages are for those with better credit, usually above 680 middle score and steady income and no bankruptcies in the past 5 years, will, in most cases pay less for their financing.

Special situations

Jumbo, Investor, Foreign

There are many special situations we can

Jumbo and Super Jumbo Starting at $822,376 and up to 100 million

Investor fix & flip, Apartment buildings
Shopping centers –office buildings
1-4 family rentals -commercial space-retail condos, condotel units

Foreign National purchases No credit Alternate credit

Construction Loans with established record and Monthly cash flow

Many private investors available to do “Outside the Box” investments.



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

I am Jim Pendleton MrMortgageTM, and have been in the mortgage business before licensing was required. I have been on radio, TV, mortgage conferences, written financial magazine articles, and even developed some of the programs that the mortgage banking system currently uses. I have received hundreds of referral letters, awards, certifications, etc., but sadly all were lost during Hurricane Sandy I did find a few reference letters in one of the few files that were not destroyed and have attached them below.
My mother always said ” the proof is in the pudding” so let us make some delicious chocolate or vanilla pudding together!

Here are some referral letters for your review. .

Mortgage pre approval
refferal mortgage lender broker
mortgage broker, lender.calculator
mortgage,lender,broker,first time,real estatee


Why select us?

We understand your requirement and provide the best programs that you qualify for and works for you.

Best Business Practices

Working as an affiliated Federal Bank and doing business in all 50 states, we hold honesty and integrity as our reason for success in helping you achieve your dream home in the real world.

Unlimited Revisions

We can change programs if needed, as many times as required to make sure you are always getting the best rates and terms that you qualify for. Representing over 100 funding sources each with a large selection of products, we have you covered.

Ultimate Perfection

Fast, smooth deployment makes for ownership available to you in the shortest time period, with constant communication every step of the way. You will always know what’s happening with your financing.

Smart Experience

The success of your purchase utilizing the latest Technology makes us head and shoulders above any competitor program out there.

Strict Deadline

We have a 98% closing within 30 days, one of the best closing time ratios in the mortgage industry.

Reputed Company

As a member of the American Bankers Association JimPendleton MrMortgage has a stellar reputation and has developed mortgage programs currently used in the mortgage industries.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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